Terms and Conditions


Whereas Magnets Is a company specialized in Smart technology, Application development and marketing and have a smart Application Called Go Plus (Go+) being offered through Smart Devices / Smart Phones which enables Users by downloading the Go+ App. to Gain Points by Walking that can be redeemed Against Special Offers and/or discounts being Offered on Go+ online store by The suppliers.

The points offered Will be calculated according to The set internal rules and conditions by Go+ who reserves the right to Change and/or Re structure as Seen Fit with no prior Notice.

Whereas the Supplier showed there Interest to Offer Special Exclusive Discounts and/or Offers and/or Free Products (Referred to as “offers” hereinafter) On Go+ online store to the users against there gained points according to the agreed terms and condition Listed Under.

Accordingly Both Magnets and the Supplier agree to The Following:-

  • The Supplier accepts and agrees that all offers added by The supplier to Go+ Online Store are Exclusive to GO+ store. Otherwise, Supplier will be considered in breach of This agreement.
  • The supplier does not have the right to Reject The offer they have Published accordingly on Go+ online store taking in consideration the offer’s rules they have set with accordingly.
  • GO+ will be responsible for The training of the supplier on there Control Panel (CMS) enabling them To Upload and control there offers according to Go+ Rules and Approval. Training is Offered once Only.
  • In Case of termination, Two Weeks notice is required between Both Parties.
  • The Supplier Must bind with the Graphic Guide lines Provided by Go+ for there offers that will be Published On Go+ online store.
  • In The Case of Any breach of any of the above Points, Go+ has the right to deactivate the supplier’s Account without any Prior Notice.
  • Go+ has the right to remove the supplier’s Account as seen Fit in the case Go+ comes to the conclusion this account is having a Negative effect on Go+ and/or this supplier’s account is not contributing Positively to GO+ and there Users.
  • The relationship with respect to all offers made to the Users in this application (Go+) shall remain limited Between the supplier and the Users in All Consequences arising out of this relationship.