Terms & Conditions


QTech is a company specialized in smart technology, application development and digital marketing.
GoPlus (Go+) is an application offered by smart phones that enables users to gain points by walking, and then can be redeemed for special discounts and rewards offered on Go+ by the suppliers.

The points offered are calculated according to the established internal rules and conditions of Go+, which reserves the right to modify/or restructure it at its own discretion without prior notice.

While the supplier has expressed interest in offering users special exclusive discounts and/or offers and/or free products on Go+ in exchange for their accumulated points according to the terms agreed below.

  • The supplier accepts and agrees that any offers added to Go+ are exclusive, otherwise the supplier would be in violation of the agreement.
  • GO+ will train suppliers on their Control Panel (CMS), allowing them to upload and control their offers in accordance with Go+ rules and approval. Training is only available once.
  • The supplier does not have the authority to reject the offer that they have published on the Go+ online store, taking into account the offer rules that they have established.
  • Both parties must give two weeks’ notice in the event of termination.
  • For offers that will be published on Go+'s online store, the Supplier must adhere to the Graphic Guide lines provided by Go+.
  • If any of the above points are violated, Go+ reserves the right to deactivate the supplier's account without prior notice.
  • If Go+ determines that the supplier's account is having a negative impact on Go+ and/or is not contributing positively to GO+ and its users, Go+ has the right to deactivate the supplier's account as needed.
  • In all consequences arising from this relationship, the relationship between the supplier and the Users with respect to any offers made to the Users in this application (Go+) shall be limited.
  • Both Go+ and the stores are not responsible for product/ reward delivery, as they should be picked up by the users.